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Here you will discover new sketch drawings of PRINCE doodled by me anywhere at anytime. 

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08.24.2017 The Making Of A PRINCE❤TOON

It ALL Starts with a pencil and a lot of love from the heart!

#prince #theartofprince #princeart #pencil #ink #color #jonathancaustrita 

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05.04.2017 - PRINCE❤TOON

Pencil Sketch for PRINCE❤TOON featuring PRINCE and 3rd EYE GIRL.
Full color illustration COMING SOON!   

#princetoon #theartofprincehowcase a premium service.

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05.02.2017 - PRINCE❤TOON

When I was a kid I used to draw a cartoon version of PRINCE. I decided to revisit this and update him. Ladies and Gentlemen...PRINCE!


Have pencil and ink, will 'toon PRINCE!

Purple Doodles ~ O(+>


05.01.2017 - PRINCE PEN SKETCH

A quick few minute pen sketch drawn of PRINCE while waiting on dinner at TGI FRIDAYS with my beautiful girls on 2-18-2017.

Have pen and paper, will doodle PRINCE. 

Purple Doodles ~ O(+>



This is one of many quick sketches I drew of PRINCE. This one in particular was drawn sometime in 2006 and later posted on my FB page in 2009 playing around with sepia tones however, this is the original unaltered pencil drawing. I remember when I originally drew it I did it without looking at a photo of PRINCE. I was busy on other work but wanted to see if I could draw PRINCE without an actual photo. I had a lot of STEVE PARKE photos and images in my head and I was always fascinated with Steve's photo work with PRINCE form the 1999-2000 "Rave Un2 The JOY FANTASTIC" era. Killer stuff! I hope I did them both justice in this little pencil doodle! 

Have pencil and paper, will doodle PRINCE.

Purple Doodles ~ O(+>


05.01.2017 - PRINCE Cartoon

I drew this when I was 13 years old all the way back in 1984 the night I saw PURPLE RAIN on the big screen. This was one of many PRINCE cartoons I drew when I was a kid. Please forgive the crudeness.  ;)

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All Original Art Drawn, Created, Produced and Illustrated By Jonathan Caustrita, INSPIRED By PRINCE